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Closing the Connectivity Gap: Arizona's Path to Equitable Internet Access

Closing the Connectivity Gap: Arizona's Path to Equitable Internet Access
Closing the Connectivity Gap: Arizona's Path to Equitable Internet Access

Arizona grapples with connectivity issues, notably in rural areas, with inadequate internet and limited broadband access. In Maricopa County, 207,000 households lack home internet, despite 93% having access to providers. Over 335,500 students lack high-speed internet, and 220,500 lack devices, impacting education. Bridging this gap is crucial for equal opportunities.

Arizona families need affordable internet

Arizona faces significant internet access challenges impacting both families and the state's economy. Federal funding presents an opportunity to address these issues, supporting broadband expansion, digital literacy, and an affordability program for high-speed home internet access. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide, ensuring equal access to broadband benefits for all Arizonans. Over 460,000 residents, more than 1 in 6 households, have already enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program, signifying progress towards statewide connectivity.

You can get involved. Here's how

Arizona enters a crucial phase with substantial funds allocated to enhance broadband infrastructure. Initiatives like the Affordable Connectivity Program are key for maximizing this investment's impact.

Participate in shaping Arizona's digital equity plan by joining the upcoming webinar hosted by the Arizona Commerce Authority on September 19, 3-4 p.m.

Additionally, advocate for continued funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program by reaching out to your congressional delegation. This program is vital for connecting Arizona's residents to essential education, healthcare, and job opportunities. Your engagement matters in sustaining crucial connectivity initiatives statewide.


Arizona grapples with internet access challenges, especially in rural areas and education. Bridging this digital gap is crucial for fair opportunities.

Federal funding supports broadband expansion and an affordability program. Active participation in shaping the digital equity plan and advocating for sustained funding for connectivity programs are vital for improving access statewide. Together, we can strive for equal access to faster, more affordable internet service for all in Arizona.

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